Friday, December 22, 2006

Hot Nuke NEWS...Truck Hauling Uranium 235/238 Powder Crashes

Not hot docs, but the kind of story line we want. The NRC is keeping MUM, refusing to hand out any serious information on this accident in from the Washington Scandal Blog...apparently a truck carrying uranium powder (we are guessing Yellow Cake) has turned over on the off ramp of I-95 and I-40 in Johnson County, North Carolina. A brief mention of the accident appeared on CNN, and then nothing...odd that they can have two days of coverage for three missing mountain climbers, but let a semi truck load of Yellow Cake Crash, and there is NO BREAKING NEWS on the story any where...find this VERY ODD. A tow truck is in route, but have a feeling this situation may be HOTTER than we are being told. Washington Scandal has taken steps to inform two Congressman of the incident.

Friday, December 22, 2006

BREAKING NEWS.....the truck that CRASHED in North Carolina was carrying uranium powder, which leads one to believe it was YELLOW CAKE, and on it's was to the Gaseous Diffusion Plant in either Portsmouth, Ohio or Paducah, Ohio. This is speculation, but Portsmouth was almost IMMEDIATELY contacted by the driver of the truck according to and unidentified phone operator at North Carolina's Division of Environmental Health.

The accident occurred at the off ramp of 1-95 and I 40. The truck is currently laying on it's side awaiting a tow truck...the NRC is trying to keep this quiet, and refused to give this blogger any useful information on the incident.

For reporters needing more information, you can call Beverly Hall at (919) 571-4141, though no one is there right now. You can call the Emergency Response people for the Division of Environmental Health in North Carolina at (800) 858-0368. My advice...if you want more on this story, you are going to have to put a reporter on the scene at I-95 and I-40 or you are NOT going to get the story, or the truth in this.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

World Hot Docs...Rapid Publication Network

Seems that Bush, and our government are taking secrecy to ever greater extremes, as are the corporations...perfect case in point, the Nuclear Industry (think Entergy), or any company hiring illegal aliens while swearing THEY HAD NO IDEA what they were doing. The time has come for a RAPID DEPLOYMENT Hot Doc Blog. The premise is simple...have a document you want out in the public domain? Email it to and they will be put out on this blog within six hours of their receipt. Corporate scandal, government coverup, political corruption, environmental disaster, or even taudry photographs...does not matter, we'll put it out to the world wide web here at World Hot Docs-End The Secrecy. Think of this site as the counter punch to Bush's unlawful NSA spying on American this case, it is a blog dedicated to keeping government and big business honest.