Thursday, December 14, 2006

World Hot Docs...Rapid Publication Network

Seems that Bush, and our government are taking secrecy to ever greater extremes, as are the corporations...perfect case in point, the Nuclear Industry (think Entergy), or any company hiring illegal aliens while swearing THEY HAD NO IDEA what they were doing. The time has come for a RAPID DEPLOYMENT Hot Doc Blog. The premise is simple...have a document you want out in the public domain? Email it to and they will be put out on this blog within six hours of their receipt. Corporate scandal, government coverup, political corruption, environmental disaster, or even taudry photographs...does not matter, we'll put it out to the world wide web here at World Hot Docs-End The Secrecy. Think of this site as the counter punch to Bush's unlawful NSA spying on American this case, it is a blog dedicated to keeping government and big business honest.

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